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What's the By Faith Campaign about?

The By Faith Campaign is a spiritual initiative that will call us to pray by faith, act by faith, and give by faith to advance our mission together. It will enable us to take advantage of the unique position and opportunity God has set before us to build a Senior Housing Community and acquire a permanent site for our Reid North Campus.

What's the plan for the Senior Housing Community?

Our plan is to provide a trusted place where seniors will not experience isolation, misuse of authority, abuse, mental and emotional stress. Our Senior Housing Community will be a clean and healthy living facility offering a diversity of programs and activities.

Why do we need another site for the North Campus?

Over the last four years we have simply outgrown our space. It is time to acquire a permanent space to accommodate the burgeoning congregation.

Where will the permanent location for the Reid North Campus?

It will be in close proximity to our current Montgomery County Campus, at the best available location we can find.

Why are we raising money before we have a site selected?

Having money in the bank and commitments made for the two year of the By Faith campaign will help us when we negotiate terms with a bank or lender. Also it will help us best determine the size and scope of the projects we can afford.

How will the money be used?

It will be used to finance the development of the Senior Housing Project on land currently owned in Glenn Dale, Maryland and find and fund a permanent location for our Reid North Campus. For both projects the gifts received will be used to meet our cash equity requirements to support the level of financing we can and are currently meeting from our operating budget.

Should I direct my regular giving to By Faith when it begins?

No, your gift should be above and beyond your regular giving. Take time to prayerfully consider what gift God is asking you to give.

How much should I give?

That's between you and God, but we are asking everyone to make a significant sacrifice. It's not about equal gifts; it's about equal sacrifice. The size of the gift will be different, but the size of the sacrifice should be the same.

How can I help?

As a leader of Reid Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church we need you to pray for what God would have you and your families do first. Secondly, we need your involvement in spreading the word and leading your circle of influence to doing the same.


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